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Shopping for Great Features With the Best Kitchen Faucets Consumer Reports

For anybody on the hunt for new kitchen faucets, there are a few helpful places to start. For instance, you could browse the best kitchen faucets consumer reports or kitchen faucet reviews to find the most popular brands and models. Ultimately though, the choice comes down to your preferences and your lifestyle – what type of kitchen faucet is going to perfectly complement your home?

This easy to understand guide will introduce you to some of the most important features and help you to spot the right kitchen faucets for you.

Choice of Finishes

Kitchen Faucet4You will quickly find, when shopping for kitchen faucets and looking for the best kitchen faucets consumer reports, that only the very cheapest products come without robust finishes. However, for the sturdiest finish of all, you need to opt for a faucet with a physical vapor deposition (or PVD) join. This means that the metal is bonded with the sink using extremely tough charged atoms.

With a PVD finish, it is very difficult to scratch or deface the surfaces of kitchen faucets. There is a chance that a corrosive chemical like drain cleaner could cause damage, but on the whole, PVD options are very durable. For a more affordable finish, you can invest in chrome faucets – these are still extremely tough, but contact with wire brushes can result in abrasions.

Types of Spout

The best kitchen faucets consumer reports are the ones which discuss all of the most essential features, such as finish and spout shape. Whilst conventional straight spouts are cheap and simple to install (they take up less room too), they can be a little awkward to move around large pots and pans.

The standard goose neck shape is flexible enough to fix this problem, but it can produce quite a heavy back splash if installed in a sink which is too small and shallow. As long as you take care to pick a kitchen faucet which can access all parts of the sink, it should not matter too much whether you opt for goose neck or straight spouts.

Selector Functions

You can, if it suits the design of your kitchen and sink area, opt for a spray head with basic selector functions on the side. These are little buttons which allow you to switch quickly back and forth between different flow options – so, for example, between a spray and a stream of water. This can come in really handy when washing irregularly shaped items or trying to reach the corners of a large sink.

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